Harbor Point

Baltimore, MD

Harbor Point is one of the last major development sites on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Located at the entrance to the Inner Harbor, this 27.4 acre remediated brownfield site is just south of the Inner Harbor East Development and adjacent to historic Fells Point. Building on the strong tradition of these neighborhoods, Harbor Point is now poised to be the final component in the completion of the Baltimore waterfront revitalization.

Included within the 1.8 million sf of development is a program including office space, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and a signature waterfront cultural use building at the entrance to the Inner Harbor. In response to constraints established during the remediation process completed in 1999, the plan looks further to maximize this development on the lesser caped portion of the site and establish the street grid (with utilities running beneath) and open space to follow cap limits.

As a key element behind the design of Harbor Point, a significant portion of the office development will be of a piers typology added to the development to attract new office tenants. These buildings serve as alternatives to traditional office buildings focused on the waterfront and the creation of a unique waterfront work place. Building on Baltimore’s history of piers, they also extend the public realm and provide views out to the city and harbor.

The public space and character of the plan is further oriented by three unique areas: “The Wharf”, “The Point” and “The Dock”. Aligned with the capline, The Wharf is central to the pier buildings and builds off the traditions of Fells Point. The Point is an eight-acre waterfront park marked at its entry by Thames Place, extending the promenade and adding significant green space to the urban fabric of Baltimore. With a lower scale and a real waterfront character, The Dock connects the Living Classroom and Inner Harbor East at the northern portion of the site.