North Embarcadero

San Diego, CA

The North Embarcadero Waterfront plays a strategic role in the future of the San Diego Bay and its relationship with the emerging downtown. It includes the City’s commercial harbor, which will expand into the major focus of popular maritime activities. It is at the foot of Broadway and stretches along the water’s edge where the city’s streets finally meet the Bay.

The convenience of city streets, and their seamless merger with the sea, provides an opportunity for a grand and multi-dimensional Esplanade. People will enjoy outdoor spaces designed for a variety of uses including celebrations (large and small), passive recreation, and physical exercise. The inspiration for the design of the Esplanade will be casual strolling and the pleasure of watching other people. The mix of ships and “people watching” promises a unique San Diego experience – a “San Diego Walk” that is particularly connected to the City’s geography and casual lifestyle.