Eisenhower East Master Plan and Design Guidelines

Alexandria, VA

The Eisenhower Avenue Metro Station in Alexandria, Virginia is quickly becoming one of the area’s most sought-after districts for development. EE&K developed a master plan that accommodates over 16 million sf of retail, residential and office space. The plan features an interconnected system of neighborhood squares, public plazas and parks, all woven together by a new street network. At the center of the plan is a new park, reclaiming a long-neglected stream valley and restoring to life the natural resources of the area.

The urban design plan is based upon the grand boulevards and great public spaces of cities like Boston and Paris. The main street is an innovative tree-lined boulevard which provides a new, green, linear park while guiding large volumes of traffic through the district.

To ensure a high quality of development over the site’s 280 acres, EE&K developed detailed street guidelines and a set of urban and architectural design guidelines that control the way in which individual buildings contribute to the public environment. The plan also includes innovative traffic management programs.