Rock Creek Overlook

Washington, DC

In our design for the new headquarters for the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging, EE&K created a new, highly visible image for this national organization, while preserving and incorporating a historic landmark.

The design is a result of an analysis of the site, located at the convergence of two major bridges crossing Rock Creek Park. The site is at the juncture of three distinct and very different urban environments: a major commercial district, a historic residential neighborhood, and a national park. The three facades of the building acknowledge the unique aspects of each adjacent environment. The new front door for the association is a historic townhouse symbolically and functionally integrated into the design.

The facade of the existing building was retained in place while the new building, including three levels of below grade parking, was constructed. The old facade integrated in the new construction with a seamless appearence as an integral part of the design.

For this landmark site, EE&K successfully led a complex review and approvals process that involved zoning, historic preservation, community, and Federal reviews.