AFL-CIO Headquarters

Washington, DC

EE&K was responsible for the renovation of the 10-story, 160,000 square-foot American Federation of Labor/Congress of Industrial Organizations’ national headquarters on Lafayette Square. The scope of work for this 1956 Voorhees and Walker structure includes the restoration of the original main entrance and the redesign of the facade and landscaping to provide a more welcoming public image and to reestablish a vital pedestrian link to Lafayette Square. Approximately 20,000 square-feet of office space was converted into conference, learning and institutional spaces.

The marble-clad exterior of the building was also restored with original panels removed and reinstalled utilizing an improved anchoring system. Original monumental steel windows will be repaired and reglazed. Interior spaces will also be restored, including the top-floor conference room overlooking the White House where George Meany presided over board meetings for 26 years.