Jimo New City

Jimo, China

Jimo New City is a jewel set just east of Jimo downtown that integrates itself into the natural surroundings. This new city will incorporate the key ingredients that make up the land uses for sustainable development: Connectivity, Landscape, Water, and Sunlight. To create a healthy public environment capable of sustaining urban life is essential to truly sustainable development. This includes a wide array and mix of uses so that true diverse urban life can emerge. This type of sustainable development builds culture, traditions, and community as a way to provide timelessness and longevity to the real-estate value. Complementary uses that are composed into walkable community districts. The plan leverages the natural features of the mountain park and of the rivers that flow through the site. Large scale of property will allow for multiple districts and uses within the single site to an authentic New City. The first phase will look complete by itself and set the tone for the future with a range of product and experiences. A major river walk, retail district and a cultural park, which will be the icon for the site, will attract visitors and residents alike.