Battery Park City

New York, NY

At a time when gloomy pessimism about New York’s future as a livable city prevailed, the 1979 Master Plan for Battery Park City represented a bold statement of confidence about the enduring value of urban life. The Plan envisioned Battery Park City as an extension of the Downtown street grid, organizing the neighborhood around classic New York public space typologies.

Designed as an entirely new mixed-use community on a 92-acre landfill on Lower Manhattan’s Hudson River waterfront, Battery Park City created a new paradigm for large-scale urban development. The development is organized around a series of popular public environments: the Esplanade; South Cove Park and Waterfront; and Rector Place, the nine-acre ten-building residential development that was critical to the viability of overall plan. EE&K’s role includes the design of several strategically important buildings, including Liberty Lure and Liberty Green, built on the last two remaining land parcels in the neighborhood, bringing EE&K’s role in transforming this neighborhood full circle.

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