Y K Pao Secondary Campus

Shanghai, China

Located in the Changning district of Shanghai, China, the Y K Pao School appeals internationally, drawing students from diverse backgrounds to an educational program rooted in Chinese language and culture and offering global perspective. EE&K’s design for the masterplan will enable Y K Pao to expand, accommodating 850 secondary students and creating a new campus that fosters a community of learning comprised of appropriately scaled buildings and complementary open spaces.

The approximately 75,000 square-meter program, which includes 36 buildings shared by the middle and high school, will include science labs, an art center, an auditorium and performing arts center, an indoor sports center, swimming pool, and library. With 24 buildings dedicated as living facilities the program also offers dining and social areas with 110 staff apartments.

Y K Pao’s goals for the campus are focused on developing an educational environment for intellectual, emotional, and physical education. This community’s mix of residential and educational purposes fosters collaborations between the students and faculty by providing the spaces for both formal and informal interaction. Committed to educating the community about the role of sustainable design, the campus will encourage students to develop environmental stewardship. The campus will produce versatile scholars well prepared to succeed in an increasingly more international world of higher education and business.