Moynihan Penn Station

New York, NY

The proposed Moynihan Penn Station in New York City is a plan to provide a new transit station and related development at the site of the current Pennsylvania Station, the busiest train station in the country. Originally proposed more than 20 years ago and championed by former Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the project as initially conceived, and modified repeatedly, was to transform the adjacent historic Farley Post Office building (located between 31st street and 33rd street, 8th avenue and 9th avenue) into a grand new train station. The current delivery model is for a real estate venture to participate in the redevelopment along with adjacent properties. Working for NY State’s Moynihan Station Development Corporation, EE&K provided design concepts for the public areas and reviews of work prepared by the real estate venture.

EE&K’s research and framework was focused on working with the state, the city, four operating railroads using the existing facility, as well as the real estate venture and dozens of consultants; the team ensured the quality and success of the public environments, forging connections to the larger neighborhood, and developing design solutions. The expanded project calls for a new Moynihan Station within the James A. Farley Post Office, rebuilding the existing Penn Station and constructing a new Madison Square Garden within Farley’s western Annex, easing crowds and substantially increasing access at Penn Station. The proposed public transportation improvements are to be subsidized by private development serving as a catalyst for commercial growth on Manhattan’s West Side. The plans include adding 1.1 million square feet of retail development on the site of the existing Penn Station and as much as 4.3 million square feet of development rights dispersed in a new zoning sub-district surrounding the Penn Station complex.