Lake Street Transit Station

Minneapolis, MN

As part of a larger engineering team, EE&K designed a new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) station in Minneapolis that provides access to new BRT service on an elevated portion of I-35W. The station is on two levels, with environmentally controlled waiting areas at each level for waiting passengers, and clear, open vertical circulation including glass-enclosed elevators between them. At the street level, the site is designed to optimize the interface with several modes of transportation, including local buses, private automobiles, taxis, bicycles, and foot-traffic.

The project proposes to reconnect the east and west side of Lake Street—the major EW commercial street in South Minneapolis—under the elevated highway, adding value to the surrounding district.

The design team worked closely with the County, the City, and a well-organized community group to achieve consensus through each step of the process, around what had originally threatened to be some very contentious issues. By focusing initially on the goals of the project, then developing principals and working through an analysis of the site issues, the project gained a constituency and support from a broad group of stakeholders.